DigitalGO and Pix3Dart – Investment Commitment for Innovative Design and 3D printing Startup

DigitalGO closely follows the innovative startups in Italy, scouting  young companies with shared mindset and dedication to bridge the gap between the analog and digital world

An innovative idea that brings together parents and children through digital creativity – Pix3Dart is a project launched by 5 young people,  3D printed toys based on drawings made by children with their parents. The goal is to bridge the Digital Divide and ensure that parents and children are connected and not separated in the digital realm – the idea that DigitalGO supported from creation to development, and continues to do so with an investment commitment.

How does Pix3Dart work? It is a creative and intuitive app that allows:

  • Draw in 3D via voxel (3D pixel)
  • Save creation in the Cloud
  • Print the 3D toy
  • Receive the product directly at home


DigitalGO believes in innovation and continuous improvement of people but also ways of thinking. Digitizing and using technologies to improve everyday life is one of our core believes and Pix3Dart shares the same mindset. This is the reason why we will continue, if the team validates the business model, to support this project towards the release on the main app stores in December 2018.

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