DigitalGO offers Amazon Marketing Services: a key competitive advantage in global digital economy

DigitalGO adds Amazon Marketing Services in its offering, allowing its clients to obtain an important competitive advantage, and increase in their digital sales

DigitalGO expands its offering with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), a brand-new tool designed to help vendors stand out among the competition, to reach’s 144 million shoppers and drive traffic and sales on their branded pages. AMS is the keyword-controlled cost-per-click advertising solution, that positions Amazon among OTT with a brand-new marketing tool and among other more famous product search tool.

dedicated DigitalGO team, trained and constantly updated, has a year’s long track record of successful projects and a capacity to meticulously observe the evolving market. Our client’s success is based on our ability to shift the approach from product-centric to customer-centric: this is why we chose AMS as the new advertising frontier, that focuses on what really matters to customers.

The high customer expectations are pushing the boundaries of advertising technology, and DigitalGO strongly believes that the key to success is to invest in innovative services that can continually offer new tailor-made purchase experience. AMS will be the service of choice for our clients, as the forefront tool of user’s intentions when they start researching their next purchase.

Flavio RossiEVP Digital Marketing in DigitalGO, commented: “I believe that AMS is reshaping the customer experience and improving the future of online shopping. The company’s scale the competitive pricing power and its growth are just the tip of the iceberg: the potential is incredibly big, considering the innovative algorithms and the data analysis, able to improve the customer journey. People search on Google for fun, on Amazon they search to purchase – this is the leverage point that brands can use to drive traffic and sales, and DigitalGO can help them define and put to action the perfect channel strategy.”

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