DigitalGO on DailyNet: interview with our CEO Riccardo Jelmini

Riccardo Jelmini, CEO of DigitalGO, talked about the positioning, growth and future projects of the company with Giacomo Broggi of DailyNet

In a recent interview with the DailyNet, Riccardo Jelmini talked about DigitalGO and its innovative offer, which aims to support companies that want to completely redesign interaction models between end users and brands. We bring you the interview translation below. For the original version in Italian language please click here.

DigitalGO: “Digital enabler, mobile first” presents its offer and evaluates partnerships and acquisitions

The company has structured a proposal in three macro-areas: digital marketing, digital solutions and digital entertainment

“Digital enabler, mobile first”: this is the positioning on the market of DigitalGO, an Italian company with a turnover of 44 million euro, led by CEO Riccardo Jelmini. Its offer is divided into three areas with the aim of supporting companies in redesigning the models of interaction between end users and brands. And the company is also thinking of some partnerships and acquisitions, Jelmini explained to DailyNet.

How is the DigitalGO offer structured and what kind of services do you offer?

The offer is structured in three macro-areas: digital marketing, digital solutions and digital entertainment, the pillars of the company in the past decade, particularly in the mobile industry. Digital marketing offer includes creativity for brand campaigns and editorial content production, the performance marketing component through media planning & buying, SEM & SEO, programmatic, social media management and video display. Digital solutions are created to support big companies in redesigning the digital sales and post-sales experience: from design thinking (Customer Journey & Customer Experience, UX & UI) to technological support such as website & app development, chatbots and instant messaging platforms and data management solutions based on artificial intelligence. When it comes to digital entertainment the company develops products and services for smartphones, connected TVs and portals, but we stand out among the competition because we offer an m-commerce platform for companies that want to sell their digital products and services to end customers through mobile and who do not have the necessary technological infrastructure.

How many professionals work in the company and how is it structured on a corporate level?

120 professionals, average age 30, 12 different nationalities and 50% of the workforce represented by women – this is the DigitalGO team. We have a local presence with eight offices in six countries in Europe and Latin America. The headquarters is in Rome, where most of the people are based and we also have an office in Milan for the digital marketing part. DigitalGO is an independent group whose main shareholders are two private equity funds, the British fund BlueGEM Neo Holdings (46%) and Value Italy S.G.R. Spa in the name and on behalf of MPVenture 2 (40%). The remaining 14% is held by the founders and the management.

So how do you define your position on the market?

We are a “Digital enabler, mobile first”. In fact, we are a creative and technological marketing hub that supports large and medium-sized enterprises in redesigning the models of interaction between end customers and brands, through the development of digital touch points and their full integration with traditional ones. Thanks to the integration of skills, we are able to redesign a digital and multi-channel customer journey focused on conversion and based on performance, particularly on mobile devices, our area of expertise since 2007. Our wide range of services and solutions helps companies understand their customers and adopt the best strategies of social media marketing, digital advertising, ecommerce and customer support.

How can a company collaborate with DigitalGO, can you give us a concrete example?

Since we offer a complete set of services, there are several ways a company can work with us. First of all, we offer  consultancy through a comprehensive assessment and proposal of a development plan. Depending on the needs of the customer that may concern either the pre-sales, post-sales, app solutions or all three, we propose tailor-made projects based on their specific objectives. For example, for clients who need lead generation and customer acquisition we can propose performance campaigns. For those who need digital caring solutions we can offer customer support services through the use of AI solutions like chatbot or IM. Or if they need to develop an app for a specific sector we can take care of the design and development, as we’ve done in our recent project for a big Telco –  an app for children.

DigitalGO is an international company, you have just opened a new office in Rio De Janeiro. Can you explain what opportunities you want to capture in the global market?

Brazil is one of the reference markets for us, where our consolidated presence since 2008 allows us to generate over 20% of the Group’s revenues. The opening of the office in Rio allows us to expand our coverage of the big clients in the city of Carioca, aside those present in Sao Paulo, where we already have an office. DigitalGO is a truly international company and in addition to Brazil we have offices in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Serbia, and Mexico. We operate in international 18 markets, not only in Europe and Latin America, but also in the Middle East and in Asia Pacific. And speaking about Middle East we are thinking about Dubai as our next strategic position in the area where we aim to grow our business, already initiated with our digital entertainment unit.

Do you have any interesting news for the upcoming months that you can anticipate?

Our biggest ambition that is part of our medium-term development plan is to aggregate companies in the market through partnerships and acquisitions, with the aim of becoming the first independent digital group in Italy. To do this we are clearly looking for promising companies that are unable to compete with the major players and international groups.

How was your 2017 and what were the goals for this year?

In 2017 we generated a net turnover of 44 million euro with an Ebidta of 5.5 million, an increase of 60% compared to 2016. The goals in 2018 are to support organic growth, continue to generate the margins levels of the 2017 and to increase the Group’s reach with one or two acquisitions that can allow us to further increase our size and strengthen our positioning.