Investing in Italian Startups – DigitalGO supports Pekaboo and its Lean Startup program

DigitalGO invests in innovation and supports the startup sector – our Francesco Di Clemente, Head of Product & Apps, presents the company and its role in the digital ecosystem during the Peekaboo’s Pitch Day

More investments are needed in Italian startups – the latest data on the number of scaleups, the stratups that have reached more than $1 million, confirm it: in Europe Italy is at the 11th place with 135 scaleups, with $1 billion of raised capital, the equivalent of 0.05% of GDP, well below the continental average (0.32%). [1]

DigitalGO strongly believes in the necessity to support startups, especially after the results of the recent “startup act” – an overview of the ecosystem of innovative local entrepreneurship. The number of startups is increasing but the main problem is they do not grow, and one of the reasons is the lack of investments. As reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, almost 137 million euros raised in 2017 by Venture Capital to promote the Italian ecosystem, thanks to the strong surge in equity crowdfunding, were not enough to climb the European ranking on startups investments, that continues to decrease, given that in 2016 the collection reached 178 million. [2]

Precisely for this reason we have supported the Pitch Day organized by Peekaboo, the association that supports the development and implementation of innovative ideas, and supports entrepreneurship and research, through programs in partnership with companies, incubation and acceleration of ideas, competitions, trainings and other initiatives.

As stated by our Head of Digital Product & App, Francesco Di Clemente, in an interview for Pekaboo, “for DigitalGOinnovation is a complex system that must feed on all possible sources: people and mindset innovation, follow and anticipate market trends, process innovation and finally we believe in continuous improvement. Combining disruptive innovation with the continuous fine tuning of existing solutions allows to combine successful execution with a long-term strategic vision. ”

For this reason, DigitalGO supported the project and the Pix3Dart team ( from concept to development, for the creation of 3D printed toys based on drawings made by the children together with their parents. A way to shorten the Digital Divide and make sure that parents and children are for once united in a digital and creative activity.

The Pitch Day was broadcasted live on Facebook – click on the image to see the presentation of Francesco di Clemente