Internet Media Report by Polimi: Italian ADV & Paid content market on the rise, 14% growth, reaching €2,68 billion

Internet Media Observatory by Politecnico di Milano, supported by DigitalGO, published a new report on the state of Media market in Italy, including the TV, Press, Radio and Internet Media pay and the advertising revenues

DigitalGO supports this year’s edition of Polimi’s The Internet Media Report, that summarizes major trends of the moment and the impact of online and offline media in the advertising and paid content segments. Our EVP Digital MarketingFlavio Rossi, will be commenting the report results together with other industry experts during a round table, moderated by Andrea Lamperti, The Internet Media Observatory Director. 

The insightful analysis focuses on the Italian Media market, with its estimated value of €15,8 billion. 

The most important trend is the steady growth of the digital component – in the last ten years the positions of Press and Internet have overturned from 31% and 10% in 2008, to 13% and 34% respectively today, while in 2017 the TV reached its share minimum with 48%. Internet has 34%, print 13% and Radio 5% of the market share. 

The online advertising revenues reached a €2.68 billion, with the 13% growth, compared to 2016. According to the report, the Italian market is dominated in by Google’s Google(and its search engine, YouTube AdSense and Admob) and Facebook (including Instagram), with an increasingly important role in the next years for Amazon. OTT’s hold the 71% of online advertising investments and are responsible for 87% of the market growth. 


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DigitalGO gathered some of the report highlights in the infographics below.