DigitalGO hosts a Design Thinking workshop in its HQ in Rome

“The customer is the heart of your product” – the workshop on the importance of human-centered design for the development of a product or service, which took place on Friday 26th of October at the DigitalGO headquarters in Rome

Human-centered design and its importance for the development of a product or service is the main topic of the workshop held on Friday 26 October at the DigitalGO headquarters in Rome. Entitled “The customer is the heart of your product” the workshop is organized in collaboration with Agile Talks, a Roman community dedicated to “agile” issues and organizational changes and Valerio Zanini, Digital Product Leader and Agile & Design Thinking Coach.

The workshop allowed the participants to compete by creating a product starting from a specific need of the client, represented in our case by a village of Lilliputian trapped on an island. Divided into groups of five, the participants had 20 minutes to build a bridge with the Lego bricks that could meet the requirements of the Lilliputians fleeing the island.

To win the game, each group had to find as much information as possible regarding the requirements of the customer, by asking the right questions, which was the focus of the exercise: pay attention to the customer during  the design of a product and avoid focusing only on your own considerations.

Today, companies operate in a market of continuous innovations and changes in user behavior. The key to success for a product or service is to listen to user voices, but also to imagine and create new solutions. This id where the Design Thinking steps in, a problem-solving approach through cross-functional teams, as defined by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO “design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation, which is triggered by the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success “.