DigitalGO is Italian digital company, operating internationally, born to support clients business development on digital channels and growth on mobile, with focus on communication activities and digital marketing.

The offering portfolio integrates digital strategy and creativity services, customer engagement and service design with technology platforms to provide tailor made solutions aimed at increase the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

Customer support takes the form of both pre-sales (branding and digital communication) and online sales and post-sales activities (digital marketing and digital caring), also through the development of digital touch points and their interaction with traditional ones.

DigitalGO was founded in 2017 from the experience of Neomobile Group, leader in the mobile entertainment sector, founded in 2007 and has a market presence in 18 countries and 8 offices worldwide.




He is a digital fanatic, with a deep knowledge of the enterprise and consumer market. Highly experienced in managing New Media business he is an innovator who strongly believes in lateral thinking and passion driven innovation.

Riccardo started his career in Value Partners, a management consulting firm active worldwide. In 2005 he entered the Telecom Italia Group, where he held several executive positions related to the digital services and innovation.


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