We are experts in designing Web and Mobile products, both content and apps, in order to offer the best user experience to our customers.

On the market since 2007, we have developed a distinctive expertise especially on mobile, for which we are able to create native digital products both for entertainment but also for enterprises' solutions.
Our offer is focused on Multimedia products, especially for mobile entertainment, and Web & Mobile Apps for enterprises who want to develop new business model on mobile and invest in consumer engagement like brainding, loyalty and retention.

Digital Content & Products

We offer white label products, content and technology platforms to our clients, aimed to support the development of their own Digital Entertainment offer.We set up a rich portfolio via partnerships, based on 10 verticals and 12 products.Main verticals include: lifestyle, editorial, entertainment, utilities, gaming, learning and kids.

UI & UX Design, Website & Mobile Apps

We offer a wide range of services to help our clients in redesign their customer journey through User Interface and User Experience analysis and development to improve all digital touchpoints and thus creating a multichannel extraordinary experience.

User Experience and User Interface Design

Our approach to digital advertising is based on our 360° marketing and mobile know-how. We strive for the perfect marketing mix and CPA optimization by working on all digital channels.

Front-end prototyping and development of Web Site and Mobile App

Increase the visibility of your brand online, by improving your search result both in ranking and paid advertising.